Change Management - People

A comprehensive approach to the People Side of Change Management

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This course takes a look at the People perspective of Change Management. People are the most important aspect of change yet so many change initiatives start with tools, systems, and technology and forget about stakeholders.

When we start with people in mind, we create a change journey centered around value, not just effort, time and cost!

The content of this course is explained through the eyes of an experienced change manager. This isn't a theoretical course, all content and insights come from years of experience around the world and in different industries.
Intended Audience: Any person who is seeking to influence change in their organization

Course Curriculum

About You
About Them
Change Principles
Types of Change
Change Hierarchy

Martin Kerr


I am a change leader with a passion for delivering value on the back of proven frameworks and process. Leveraging Asset Management and Programme Management principles I enjoy taking organisations on their journey by adopting Change Management as my foundation stone.

My interpersonal skills underpin my stakeholder management and negotiation presence. Empathy and integrity gain the respect of my peers and allow me to bring change sooner rather than later. Driving change on the back of strong leadership is my specialty. This allows me to thrive in chaotic environments by bringing sound foundation and control.

My experience and track record has demonstrated that I can enter any assignment at any phase and under most circumstances. Having worked across multiple industries, countries, and cultures has provided me with a competitive advantage.

~Organisational Change Management
~Leadership and Cultural Transformation
~Asset Management Maturity Assessments
~Asset Management Training and Coaching
~Change Strategy and Leadership in Asset Management
~Strategic Asset Management
~Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
~Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
~ISO Management System Assessment and Audit Preparation